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Comepetition guidlines

Valid submission Period

The competition will start at 18:00PM on 11th of October 2022 and will end at 00:00AM on 24th of November.

Plagarism is prohibited

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Be honest with yourself and do your own work. DO NOT steal other people's work. Plagiarism can give you a permanent ban from BITS ‘22.

Provide all the required resources

When submitting your task, make sure to provide all the resources that are required in the task description. (Source files, links)

Always set the link with the "Access to Everyone"

When submitting files from Google Drive, make sure to set the access to “Everyone with the link” and share the link in the submission form.

Task review period

After you submit a task, it normally takes around 4-6 days for mentors to review your task and accept it. If your task gets rejected, you will have to refer to our notes and re-submit the task again. Or you can move on to a new task. You can submit multiple tasks at once.

Any more questions?

If you have any problems regarding BITS, please drop a message in the Official Whatsapp group. If you do not find an answer from there within a day or two, then you can move to the option of calling one of the organizers in the contact section above. When contacting mentors feel free to use a language of your choice, Sinhala or English. Please be respectful and professional when talking in official help groups.

Message from organizers

Please note that organizers decision is final.