BITS '22

The First-Ever Task-Based Intraschool ICT competition, organized by the Ananda College ICT Society to provide a platform for our school's students to polish and improve their ICT knowledge in many fields of ICT

" Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. "

What is BITS ?

BITS is an annual intra-school task-based ICT competition, organized by the Ananda College ICT Society, that will be held online for young Anandians from Grade 6-11

This year marks the 5th consecutive time BITS was organized to test the skills and knowledge of young anandians, while giving them a unique platform to showcase their talents and also to provide a valuable opportunity for them to use their abilities for something intuitive and productive.

BITS is a task-based ICT competition modelled after international standard competitions like Google Code In, Summer of Code, etc..

The participants will be provided a variety of tasks based on various fields of ICT and they are mainly categorized into 3 separate categories.